Kid Speak

On the way to my son’s baseball practice he and I were talking. He brought up the subject of heaven. He asked me how long it takes someone to get to heaven. What a question!

I tole him that it is instant. As soon as we die, if we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, we are immediately in heaven standing before God. Then I told him that it is faster than the snap of your fingers.

My son then asked me if everyone goes to heaven. We got to talk about how not everyone goes to heaven and how those who have Jesus in their hearts have security to know that Jesus will never leave them.

Of course, he then asked me what happens to those who don’t have Jesus in their hearts. I told him about hell. I shared with him that people who don’t trust Jesus will have to spend eternity separated from God. I also told him that is why God gave us the purpose of sharing Jesus with people we meet everyday.

It was a great time with him. I pray consistently that he would do great things for God in his lifetime.

Matthew 18:1-6

1 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and said, “Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

2 Then He called a child to Him and had him stand among them. 3 ” I assure you,” He said, “unless you are converted and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child—this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5 And whoever welcomes one child like this in My name welcomes Me.

6 “But whoever causes the downfall of one of these little ones who believe in Me—it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea!


~ by bchatcher on September 10, 2007.

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