Going Missional ~ 1b

Harrison had another practice last night. I can tell things are getting more comfortable. He had a great time and played catcher for a little bit. He thought it was kind of cool wearing all the gear. He hit the ball too! This is his first year of coach pitch ball, in which a coach or parent throws the ball to him rather than it being on a tee. It is a big step to move from hit a non-moving object to hitting one that is moving. He is getting it down, and learning a lot.

I had to tell Lee, the head coach, that I wouldn’t be there for practice Friday night. In my intention to gain a spiritual footing with him I didn’t just say I had other commitments or other plans. I purposefully told him that we had a activity planned with the Sunday School class I teach. I also let him know I would be at the game Saturday, but would be there just a little before game time because I would be leading a men’s breakfast. Again, it seems small, but by being honest about what I am doing I am telling him and the others about the existence of my faith in hopes of gaining a chance to share more deeply about the spiritual impact Jesus has had on my life.

We function so often with a sharp division between sacred and secular. Yet, God never intended the two to be divided. Our lives inside the church, and most importantly, outside the church are a reflection of Christ. Ministry is not an event, but a verb. It is an expression of my lifestyle and not just my career.


~ by bchatcher on September 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Going Missional ~ 1b”

  1. Thanks for posting this. You’re completely right, we do sometimes live in two worlds – sacred and secular. Bill Hybels talks about gently bridging that gap in his book ‘Just Walk Across the Room” talks about his morning prayer. “God if you can use me today, I am available to you through the Holy Spirit.” He says that he just opens himself up to the possibility of being used. Sometimes he feels nudged by the spirit to talk, other times he feel nudged to action. I guess that it his way of letting the spirit lead, always.

  2. Geoff, the upcoming generations will continue to merge sacred and secular back into one fluid movement. The challenge is that they maintain a wide breadth of religious diversity. They are a melting pot of beliefs primarily because the christian church has become so dysfunctional. They may cement their faith with action, but it will be a lot of different faiths.

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