I Got Tagged

Okay, so my wife tagged me on her family blog. I am supposed to reveal 8 things about myself that you would be surprised to know.

Here goes:

#8 – I own The Bangles: Greatest Hits cd.
Bangles Greatest Hits

#7 – I have watched professional wrestling since I was in 5th grade. I still watch today. In fact, I am watching now. My favorite wrestler is Sting.

#6 – I went to college at Oklahoma Baptist University and was a member of Sigma Beta Mu.

#5 – I am the father of three incredible boys. Each of them has been uniquely designed by God and show it everyday. I have been married to an incredible woman for almost 10 years, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

#4 – I have been to and through the state of Kansas and am still not sure anything is actually there. Personally, I think the website is just a front.

#3 – I have cried at three movies in my life:
Con Air,
Armageddon, and
Mr. Holland's Opus.

#2 – I have been to the thriving metropolis of Snow, Oklahoma and its rival to the west known as Ice(it doesn’t even come up on the map). I doubt I will ever revisit all six buildings and two intersections that compose the two towns.

#1 – Given enough coffee, donuts, and mint chocolate chip ice cream I truly believe I can do anything.

Next Up:

D Burchfiel

Bryan Gilmore


~ by bchatcher on October 5, 2007.

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