Oh the things that you read…

So I was reading Acts 5: 33-42 in some personal study time this morning. I got curious about the two people Gamaleil names as recently starting revolts. I looked up Theudas and Judas in the Anchor Bible Dictionary. This led me to the works of Josephus, more specifically the Antiquities. In Book 20; Chapter 5 he recounts the story of the failed revolt of Theudas.

In 20.5.3 Josephus relates a story I found rather interesting. Apparently, during a Passover celebration the Roman Governor set a regiment of soldiers in the Temple to ensure the peace was kept and the Jews did not organize another revolt. And:

… on the fourth day of the feast, a certain soldier let down his breeches, and exposed his privy members to the multitude

This grievous action by the soldier set off a storm of Jewish people to the palace at which the governor was unable to quell the crowd. He then called his soldiers back in full armor, which set the crowd running. They bottlenecked into a narrow pass and managed to trample 20,000 people to death.

The moral of the story:

Don’t drop your knickers at Easter because people could get hurt.


~ by bchatcher on October 11, 2007.

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