Going Missional ~ 4

The Wedding

I recently performed the wedding ceremony for my sister-in-law and her fiance. Because of that I was asked by his brother and her best friend to perform their ceremony, which I will do this Saturday.

I ask anyone who asks me to preside over their wedding to do premarital counseling either through me or a person I recommend. This couple chose me. The very first thing I do with a couple in this situation is to talk about their faith. This couple expressed openly that they don’t have one or much of any.

What an incredible opportunity to share Christ! I took the time to share my story. I have also purposefully emphasized throughout the role of faith in a life-long marriage.

It is such an interesting thing to interact in this way. As of now neither has confessed Christ as Savior. They have heard plenty from me on the emptiness we all experience and how God fills that through a relationship with Christ. I have challenged them to ensure that the spiritual is considered in the facets of their lives. And when the ceremony rolls around they will get another dose during it about how a marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and His church.

Be praying for them!

How would you feel as a minister performing a wedding ceremony for an unbelieving couple?
Is it right? wrong? why?


~ by bchatcher on October 18, 2007.

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