Going Missional ~ 1d

My son’s baseball season ended recently. Due to numerous family and work time constraints I have not kept a good posting going.

The team ended the season 4 and 4. They won their final 3 games and had a great time. All the kids showed a great deal of improvement. I really enjoyed the time and the chance to be a witness for Christ in the time. Two things stick out to me.

One is that I developed a good relationship with the head coach. In fact, by the end of the season he was recognizing and acknowledging my faith. I was able to take things a step further by inviting him and his son plus another coach and his son to our upcoming family fishing event in December. It is designed to be a great connection point and springboard for people to find out about the church. It will also give us a chance to show people that not all Christians are like the nutballs on TV.

The other is a bit of a side note. There was one boy on the team who showed a tone of improvement. By the end of the season he was hitting the ball and a lot less timid. He showed me something about ministering to men. At some point, boys have to experience a sort of detachment and release from their moms and be set free to pursue masculinity. Our aggressive tendencies and hunter mentality is often sequestered by a society, which is dominated by a feminine desire to make everyone a winner. A boy has to learn to express, and ultimately control their “manly” features. This little boy got upset after another boy took a hit at him. I broke up the ruckus and afterwards saw how he felt. The look on his was one of powerlessness. It happens when even a church culture stresses “Turn the other cheek” over “My House will not be a den of thieves!” I knew he needed a sort of release. I knelt down and looked him square in the eye. I said, “Hey man, next time that kid hits you, just haul back and pop him right back. Don’t be afraid, just hit him as hard as you can right back. He will leave you alone.” Well, his face lit up like I had given him a popsicle on a hot day. He was free, if only for that day, to take a step towards manhood. Pretty interesting stuff.

The feminists can crucify me later, right now I am busy.


~ by bchatcher on November 19, 2007.

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