I Pledge Allegiance

It is late, I can’t sleep, and my mind is wandering onto strange topics. So here is one to discuss, if anyone actually stops by to read this.

I am fascinated with the things we decry as being evil within the society of our nation as Southern Baptists. We call Hillary evil, Obama the same, and get in bed with a Bush in order to rule the world. Somehow though, we never bat an eye at proudly belting out the pledge of allegiance to our country. We even do it first before we “recite” the Christian pledge (which we don’t really know) during our mandatory patriotic services around the blessed holiday known as Fourth of July. I am pretty sure its ritual is prescribed in the 30th chapter of 4 Corinthians.

Has anyone ever wondered why? Last I remembered God was a jealous God and sought to ensure nothing took place above Him in our hearts. Last I checked numerous early Christians were martyred because they would not swear an oath to the Roman government and here we are in the 21st century seeking to be its mistress. Maybe I just need more sleep. Surely, my mind isn’t working properly this late.


~ by bchatcher on December 16, 2007.

9 Responses to “I Pledge Allegiance”

  1. First off, think of “God” as a title (like Doctor) and not a name (His NAME is Jahweh – or Jehovah), some people like to call Him Allah (sounds VERY similar, doesn’t it?). Whatever name you prefer to call Him doesn’t matter He is still the same entity. My question is, why do people follow a false prophet like President Bush? He publicly states that God told him his mission was to spread democracy throughout the world, Democracy is totally man-made – it’s not even mentioned in the Bible. God has no love for democracy. Will we get to vote when we die and go to heaven? Who will be passing out the voters’ registration cards? Last time someone had something to say about how things should be done he winded up in Hell. Think about it.

  2. Interesting blog. Just wondering if you have every really truly actually read the Bible by yourself. Alone.

  3. Karen,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Incredibly, after all those years in seminary getting a graduate degree I just realized I never read the Bible. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.


    I don’t know quite the right response. I admit I laughed out loud about the comment on who will pass out the voter’s registration cards in eternity. That is good. I am going to have to utilize that one in a sermon or lesson at some point. I am curious about who is referenced in the second to last sentence. Who wound up in Hell? I have a feeling I am just not catching on.

  4. Prof X, I think Dani450 is making an allusion to Lucifer trying to get all “collaborative,” with the Maker. Oh, and your post made me think of Stanley Hauerwas, or my introducer to him, Ken Craycraft.

  5. Bull,

    Thank you for the insight. It does make a little better sense if the reference is to Satan, although I am still not clear on it. I haven’t read much of Hauerwas. I know a bit about him, but not much. Admittedly, it is very odd to me that we seem to think that we must carry both the banner of Christ hand in hand with the U S Flag. Just where should our allegiance ultimately lay?

  6. Just ask Mitt Romney or JFK. I’ll look around for my copy of Hauerwas & Willimon’s Resident Aliens. It talks about that tension. Which polis do you belong to? It’s a difficult question for me. Am I an American Christian or a Christian American? One word is the objective noun and the other is the adjective, modifying the object. Take it further, do I have more in common with Christians in Guatemala than I do Muslims in Frisco? Why or why not?

  7. You do need some more sleep. There is a HUGE difference between pledging allegiance to the American Flag, and swearing allegiance to Rome. No one is forced to pledge allegiance to the American flag…and everyone was required to swear allegiance to Rome or die…

    A huge difference, pal. Nice try, but no new hymnal., Great blog, by the way

  8. Bull,

    Good stuff. If we consider ourselves Christian Americans than we are singling out ourselves via a typical racial/cultural subgroup moniker. From the other we may maintain a more universal, or catholic, identity yet it still takes further down the road towards a sense of nationalism that may not adapt well into a Christian relationship.


    Thanks for the good word. You are correct in that I definitely need more sleep. There is a difference, which my tiredness didn’t help me make a good distinction. My interest in the post lies primarily in the fervor with which we defend the Pledge of Allegiance because of a phrase that was added when our society was “under attack” by those communist buzzards 😉 in the 50’s. I sometimes wonder, especially in the SBC, if we have confused our patriotism with our orthodoxy. Or, if perhaps we have come to believe that our orthopraxy is entirely wrapped up in a nationalistic endowment.

    Again, I do need more sleep, and perhaps less coffee. Kevin Bussey would be ashamed of me for that one.

  9. everyone was required to swear allegiance to Rome or die

    Don’t they still?

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