Al Mohler 4 President?

Al Mohler

By now I would guess many of you have heard the little kept secret that Al Mohler has sought after and now will be nominated for the president of the SBC in Indianapolis. He will be nominated by Robert Jeffress, the newly crowned senior pastor of FBC Dallas.

SBC Outpost has posted an open letter from Pastor Jason Pettus that offers a fairly eloquent opinion on why not to elect Al Mohler for president.

Read Outpost here.

Read Jason Pettus here.

Other than Art Rogers(and he has done a series of posts on this that you can look through), I have not seen a huge deal made lately of Lifeway’s announcement about the findings on the staggering drop in youthful presence in the SBC.

Read here.

View Charts: Convention Attendees and Age of Senior Pastors.

Mohler’s ability to lead a seminary is obvious. Yet I would question his ability to provide leadership to a convention of church pastors and ministers. According to his bio on Southern’s site (funny, his professional bio on his personal website makes little fanfare of pastoring churches) he spent some time pastoring. He has been president of the seminary for 15 years. At this point, what does he really now about the ins and outs of daily life as a minster in a representative SBC church (which would be defined as small[under 150 in membership] and aging rapidly)? It equates to the oddity we have at seminaries of men who spend little of their time in church preaching and ministering trying to teach you how to preach and minister. Paige Patterson actually passed on a tidbit of wisdom in one of my classes that the first thing you do when you move to a new pastorate is to get in touch with the local radio station to do a weekly devotional. Immediately, 50 young buck preacha boys ran out to call Mix 102.9 to see if they would let them do the morning devotional. It was madness.

The point is this, the SBC doesn’t need another leader who will ignore the continued hemorrhaging of young leaders. The SBC needs someone who at least recognizes the generational chasms that exist and attempts to bridge them. Much like Jason Pettus pointed out, we don’t need another divisive president, but someone who will seek to reorganize us around the common goal of cooperating to accomplish missions. I have a horrible feeling that Al Mohler will not do that.

I also feel very strongly that a sitting president, board member, trustee, employee, etc. of one of the SBC entities or agencies should be the SBC president. I.E., if Mohler wants to be president of the SBC he ought to step down from the presidency of Southern. If a trustee of SWBTS wants to be president he/she ought to step down from being a trustee. It is a major conflict of interest. It is similar to the pastor of a church being the chairman of the deacons. Something ain’t right.

This will be a fascinating time in the SBC. I am really curious to see who will stand against Mohler in Indy. And yes, I do believe someone will stand against Mohler.


~ by bchatcher on January 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Al Mohler 4 President?”

  1. Other people are watching as well. It’s more of a hatchet job against Calvinism, but First Things has a blog post at
    So at least folks outside the SBC are taking notice.

  2. And there’s another “election” coming up.,8599,1700157,00.html

    No idea who the front runners are. I was wrong about B XVI so even if I did have an inkling, I don’t think you should be interested.

  3. Bull,

    I took a look at the article from First Things. I am not sure hatchet job is sufficient to describe the post. There are too many horrible short-sighted assumptions in the post to count. It amazes me how much ignorance is propagated within our culture both religiously and socially because people are just too lazy to take responsibility for their own educational development.

    I didn’t know that about the Jesuits. I have to admit that in the pop-up window I saw the words “black pope” and I had an entirely different thought cross my mind.

    I need to remember to look for that book for you. I ordered a number of classics today in order to further stretch my learner. They should prove to be some interesting reads. I am setting a personal goal of reading 3 books a month for this year. I came close last year and should pull it off this time.

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