I have the best wife ever!!!!

My wife and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary. It was pretty exciting time and we spent a week in Jacksonville, Florida at a recreation ministry conference called Rec Lab. She surprised me all on her own with a half-day chartered in-shore fishing trip on the St. John’s River. Again, she thought of it all on her own, and came on the trip with me! She even fished and baited her own hook with live shrimp. Wow!! My wife is the awesomest ever.

Here is a pic of us with a flounder:

Us with Flounder


~ by bchatcher on February 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “I have the best wife ever!!!!”

  1. Sorry it was so cold and windy, when you were here, in J-ville Fla. It made me go out and buy a pair of insulated coveralls, because this Florida boy is a cold weather wimp.

    I can’t believe how I stumbled on to your blog…Imagine that.
    Hope your next fishing trip together is warmer and more fish filled.

    -Capt Dave, a fellow “fish” blogger.

  2. Captain Dave!!!! Hey man, great to hear from you. My wife and I had a great time on the boat with you. It was pretty cold there for a while, but turned out to be a nice day. Keep up the fun times out there. I got a catfish picture coming that is pretty cool.

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