Update on Kenneth Copeland and Senator Grassley

To through another log on the fire, I came across this little article today. Knock yourselves out.

Senator Set To Intensify Investigation Of Ministries


~ by bchatcher on February 13, 2008.

One Response to “Update on Kenneth Copeland and Senator Grassley”

  1. Did you see that Benny Hinn has turned over records to Sen. Grassley? And on Grassley’s website, I noticed this, a letter to a secular charity that runs nursery homes in Iowa. http://grassley.senate.gov/public/releases/2008/02192008.pdf. It looks much like the requests to the six preachers, no? Could be that he’s doing something to say “Hey, its not about the theology of these guys, here’s an example of a secular charity I’m scrutinizing.” Or it could be a charity he’s received info on, he is from Iowa.

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