Was Moses High on Sinai?

Moses and the Ten Commandments

Was Moses high on Mount Sinai?
Study suggests Israelites may have eaten hallucinogenics, but scholars scoff

Writing in the British philosophy journal Time and Mind, Benny Shanon of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University said two plants in the Sinai desert contain the same psychoactive molecules as those found in plants from which the powerful Amazonian hallucinogenic brew ayahuasca is prepared.

Shanon wrote that he was very familiar with the affects of the ayahuasca plant, having “partaken of the … brew about 160 times in various locales and contexts.”

Shanon acknowledged that he had “no direct proof of this interpretation” and said such proof cannot be expected.

Biblical scholars scoffed at Shanon’s suggestion. Orthodox rabbi Yuval Sherlow told Israel Radio: “The Bible is trying to convey a very profound event. We have to fear not for the fate of the biblical Moses, but for the fate of science.”

So, a dude tokes it up and decides because he gets a nice spiritual feeling from some Israelite peyote that Moses must of done the same thing. Science at its best right there. It fascinates me how far people will go to find a reason not to believe in the God of the Bible.

What do you think?


~ by bchatcher on March 5, 2008.

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