Kid Speak 3

I have debated sharing this one, but a little embarrassment on my part for the story is ok. My middle son, referred to below, had another good one. We went up to OKC to visit with some good friends for the 4th of July. He is a church planter and has been planting a church called Journey Fellowship in the NW corner of the city for a few years. Check ’em out and give to help out the cause. Anyway, so I slept on the couch the first night there, the second night Jaclyn tried to trade, but I said “no.” I won’t revisit that little conversation since I have been assured that was the wrong answer. Love you honey. So, Friday morning Hudson jumps on my back while I am still laying on the couch, now let me just say that I am a fairly typical guy and I have a little gaseous build up in the mornings. Well, Hudson, who is not what you would call “petite” jumped up there and pushed a little wind out the ole’ back pipe. I thought it would be okay since I didn’t hear anything. But….

Hudson proceeded to announce to everyone, “Daddy’s poopie!”

Thank you Hudson. Get off daddy’s back now.


~ by bchatcher on July 11, 2008.

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