God is Love?

There are all sorts of arguments for and against the existence of God (big G) or even a god (little g). People look at the suffering in our world and typically question how a God, who is love, could allow such a thing. It is tough, I admit, to really defend God against a person who already has their mind made up and is filled with bias because they lost a loved one, or didn’t get the promotion, or sees the violence of the world and decides that there couldn’t possibly be a god involved in all that. However, I would venture to guess that they don’t really know the God I know.

In my life I realize more than anything else that I am fundamentally flawed. I am not what I was intended to be. My life is a living testimony to the Creator”ness” of God.That and His incredible patience with screw-ups. Anyway, it would be easy to look at all the evil, strife, and general badness that surrounds our existence and explain away the existence of a loving, or even personal Creator. When hurricane Katrina wiped out most of New Orleans, or the Midwest was ravaged by floods, or even the war we continue to wage against terrorism it is the easy way out to sit back and blame God or the lack thereof. Guys like Dawkins want you to think they have it all figured out, yet have simply elevated their own sense of reason and rationality to deity status. Hardly a convincing argument against God’s existence. His reasoning isn’t even considered logical anymore.

The God I serve recognized my need for Him before I ever did. In fact, my fundamental flaws in which I consistently sought to replace the emptiness in my life with other things prevented me from really recognizing the reality of God. Yet, my flaws, while separating me from God, didn’t prevent God from loving me or working to let me know Him. How can we proclaim that God is anything but love when faced with the reality that He would sacrifice His own Son in order to transcend the very flaws that keep us from Him? Is God love? Does He love His creation? Yes! He allowed His own Son to give His life in order for us to freely receive grace for our screw-ups! He recognized the fundamental flawed nature that each of us possess and gives us grace through His Son. How can we not call Him love?


~ by bchatcher on July 15, 2008.

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