Kid Speak 4

Okay, so my 4 year old Hudson is at it again. I was laying in bed this morning and he came in to lay down with me. I still dig sleeping in a little and watching some cartoon violence on tv in the morning. I don’t want to be a Toy R Us kid anymore though, their prices are high. Anyway, so Hudson is laying there next to me and he notices my chest. He points to a particular decorative region and asks, “Is that your button?” as he poked at my nipple.

“No, that’s my nipple,” I replied.

“Your nipple Daddy?” (actually it came out more like “nibple.”

“Yeah, my nipple.”

At this point my wife chimes in between spurts of laughter and says, “Hudson, you have a nipple too.”

“I do” as he pulled his shirt up.

He then proceeded to point out that he had two nipples and Daddy only had one. I was forced to point out nipple number two sheepishly hiding behind the hair. Somehow I think he felt better knowing that both he and Daddy have two nipples on our tummies. We’re still working on that part. At least he didn’t ask if mommy had two nipples. We will save that for later.

Hudson on the trampoline

Hudson on the trampoline


~ by bchatcher on July 18, 2008.

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