Kid Speak 5

Well, this time Harrison was at it. There is a little bit of back story to catch you up.

Harrison post staples

Harrison post staples

First: We are coming up on a year since Jaclyn had a partial hysterectomy (that means she had some girl parts removed). She had dealt with some health things that made it necessary. She’s feeling much better now.

Second: Harrison and I went over to our church warehouse to look for something a week ago today. While over there, Harrison’s tennis ball rolled under an industrial rack. While coming out from under the rack he stood up too fast and too soon, which led to 4 staples in the top of his head to put it back together and close the gaping wound. It was our second hospital visit of the year, knock on wood.

So, this leads us to today when our friend Tomi’s son Chandler is over while she is at jury duty. Harrison offered to show him his staples, such a boy thing to do.

“Dude, awesome scar, how’d you get that one?” “Sweet, I got this one in pre-K. It was a jungle out there.”

Anyway, Chandler doesn’t like things such as that so he said no. Then he told Harrison that he couldn’t even look at their dog’s stitches when she got fixed. It grossed him out. Harrison, ever the inquisitive, asked why their dog Zoey had stitches. Chandler told him that she got fixed. Harrison wondered what that was, so Chandler explained that she had her girl parts removed so that she couldn’t get pregnant anymore. Harrison then politely pointed out that his mom got fixed last year.

Gotta love kids.


~ by bchatcher on August 12, 2008.

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