Brian and Jaclyn go to Yuppie World

So, Friday Jaclyn and I got up, I think technically I got up a little later than her, and got Harrison off to school. Jaclyn was having a particularly good hair day so we just knew we must take advantage of such fortunes. We still had some credit left on a Cheesecake Factory gift card.

Cheesecake Factory at Town Square

Cheesecake Factory at Town Square

We packed up Hudson and Hunter to head off to Yuppie World (otherwise know as Southlake Town Square) and the location of the closest restaurant. This is a place where snobbery is common, silicone is required, and shopping is secondary to being seen. Little did we know that our adventures were only about to begin.

Now, don’t take my cynicism wrong. I grew up in Southlake, north side in fact. Of course, by the time I graduated high school the north side was the wrong side of the highway. Anyway, when I was a kid 1709 was barely two lanes, no shoulders, and fields filled with cows. Now, it is 6 lanes wide, no fields, but there are still a lot of cows oddly enough. Anyway, we get in, park, and head straight to James Avery where I had a ring resized. Funny, Jaclyn bought it for me our first Christmas together while dating for $30. It cost $27 to have it up-sized one size 13 years later. Thank you boomer generation. We headed immediately to the Cheesecake Factory, which was a short 3 mile hike to the back end of the town SQUARE. We asked to be seated on the patio in order to catch a glimpse of someone I surely thought was Paris Hilton, but sadly she had only paid a good deal of money to make herself look just like her.

As we quietly sat at our table, at least as quietly as you can with our two boys who did a great job at first being quiet which was amazing (perhaps they were awed by the awesome imitation star power of the Paris Hilton look alike), trying to decide what we would like to order a gaggle of tennis moms came in. Now, when you are as high-powered as the Southlake elite soccermomdom is below your standard. A group of 7-8 ladies came in in coordinating tennis outfits, yes I did write “coordinating tennis outfits”. Unfortunately, they probably should spend some more time playing tennis rather than stopping for lunch at the CHEESECAKE Factory. At this point, I just tried to tame my sharp sarcasm rather than letting it all out as Jaclyn looked at me with a look telling me to shut up while smirking at the glorious Seinfeld material that these ladies were. I will leave the story of the silicone quads for Jaclyn to tell as she had the better view than I did. Oh what a fabulous day in Yuppie World that day.

After eating we ventured out into the bonanza of shopping available. We marveled at the offerings at stores like The Paper Closet, Jos. A Banks, Baby Bliss, and more. And so our few hours at Yuppie World came to a close. We got back in our van and came back home. I then took a long shower to wash the cooties off of me. Until our next adventure, stay grounded my friends.


~ by bchatcher on September 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Brian and Jaclyn go to Yuppie World”

  1. you are always able to make me laugh, babe. one of my favorite things about you. love you! ~jaclyn

  2. very entertaining…and so true!

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