Kid Speak ~ 7

Jaclyn and I got to go out on a romantic little evening Monday in the Stockyards. Yeah, I know, romance is smelling cow dung in the air. Woohoo! Anyway, during our dinner conversation we got on the subject of high maintenance. She related the story of telling our oldest that he is high maintenance, primarily because she has to purchase a particular brand of chicken nugget for him at the store because the others are too “peppery.” At this point my mouth is wide open with my jaw on the floor that one my son has a brand of preferred nugget (what is he a rock star? No no no! I demand Tyson brand chicken products in my dressing room. These are Banquet brand. How dare you! Don’t you know who I am!) and two that she actually purchased the kid Tyson nuggets because of it.

So Harrison responds, “What’s “high maintenance” mean?”

Jaclyn: “It is like when you always want it your way.”

Harrison: “Oh, you mean like you mom.”

God bless the little children. Now, if we could just figure out who is the highest maintenance one.


~ by bchatcher on October 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Kid Speak ~ 7”

  1. so very rude…I am not the highest maintenance of all, and I’m sticking to that fact.

  2. My beloved Jaclyn, haven’t you realized that the more you deny it the more you prove it?

  3. You need to get a publisher and write a book. I think you should call it “Raising Christian Kids in a Secular World”. I will be your agent!
    Your mother-in-law

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