Crazy Love ~ 1

Crazy Love
I have started reading Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love. I am reading it with Matt Knight, who works with me. We are taking a chapter a week and then discussing it. Tomorrow we will discuss the first chapter, Stop Praying. The title immediately brings to mind a verse of which I have to consistently remind myself, which is Psalm 46:10. Say it with me: Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations… Actually, many don’t realize that the original language could be understood as saying cease striving, it isn’t that different from be still. The two are similar, although our lives are filled with striving far more than stillness. I know mine is. I rarely stop like I ought to just focus on God.

A few choice quotes:

The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him

[God’s] perfect holiness, by definition, assures us that our words can’t contain Him

[God] has far more of a right to ask us why His people are starving. As much as we want God to explain Himself to us, His creation, we are in no place to demand that He give an account to us.

I won’t give away too much of my thoughts, since I would hate to ruin the discussion Matt and I will have. However, Chan lays out a couple questions that are very challenging to me.

Can you worship a God who isn’t obligated to explain His actions to you? Could it be your arrogance that makes you think God you an explanation?

I fought for a long time with God over the specifics of my life. If you don’t know them then click to the right where the link is about my journey. I live with hope everyday because of a God who saw fit to transcend His own incredible holiness and save a wretch like me. I don’t always understand and I don’t always get it. But I always remember how screwed up I make it when I try to be in control. God’s vast reality verses my short existence in the scope of history is remarkable. Stop babbling empty words at an eternal God for sure. Start living in awe of His awesomeness, definitely.


~ by bchatcher on February 3, 2009.

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