Crazy Love ~ 2

Crazy Love You Might Not Finish This Chapter

That is the title of the second chapter of Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love. I started reading the chapter rather interestingly, I was reviewing chapter one and had tried to skip forward a couple pages and accidentally landed in the second chapter. I dug in thinking to myself how out of it I must of been when I first read this part because I didn’t remember any of it. But, I soon recognized my folly and retreated back to the first chapter. Yes, I realize most of you could care less, but it makes for good filler material. Anyway, on to the chapter I might not have finished. Granted, I might not finish this blog post either according to Chan. 😉

I started this chapter with an expectation, I should not have, but I did. I read the title of the chapter and made some preconceived ideas about what the subject would be. I was wrong. Chan’ primary goal appeared to be getting his reader to recognize the whisper that is our life in the grand scheme of history. Because of this nature of life, we must make every moment count in bringing glory back to our Creator, because our life may end at any moment. It is a noble effort indeed. The multitude of cultural identities today would do well to stop (especially in the United States) and recognize how blessed we are by God. Some choice quotes are below:

When I am consumed by my problems … I actually convey the belief that I think the circumstances are more important than God’s command to always rejoice

Your part is to bring Him glory

Turning inward is one way to respond [to our lack of control]; the other is to acknowledge our lack of control and reach out for God’s help.

The ultimate theme here is that for too long we (and I think he is specifically targeted the American church culture) have thought primarily of ourselves. We have failed miserably in our spiritual lives to progress beyond infancy towards spiritual adulthood. God did not create us for self-absorption but to bring glory to Him and be evidence of the magnitude of how great God is.


~ by bchatcher on February 9, 2009.

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