Crazy Love ~ 3

Crazy Love Crazy Love

And so we begin chapter 3 of Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love. Chan now begins to move from the dramatic awesomeness of God to the nitty gritty reality of His interest in us as His creation. Equating God to love can often appear paradoxical given the sad state of the global culture today. Yet, I am impressed every day with the simple truth that much of the world still runs from God rather than to God. It is easier sometimes to say that there isn’t a God because of the mess we have made of His creation than to take responsibility for our complete failure as caretakers.

Chan hammers through one very very important truth that many believers and unbelievers alike miss. God actually, really, truly does love us and desires us to experience the greatest good in life, which is Him. In stark contrast, many people know cognitively that God loves them, but the truth never moves to their heart where it can take root and create fruit. What a shameful life to live without real passion and purpose.

For a long time I have always recognized the difficulty of relating to a heavenly Father while never really having an earthly one. Chan shares his experiences with his dad and how the dysfunction of that relationship created challenges later on in his spiritual relationship. I never knew my real father. I know bits and pieces and such, but have not grown up with any sort of male role model or figure in my life. I have three boys now who mean the world to me. It took years after I began believing in Christ for me to reconcile the loss of my father with God. I struggle with it at times today. I used to think that hindsight was 20/20. I don’t anymore. How arrogant of me to think that life would have better only if … If I could go back and change things I would only make life different, not better or worse.


~ by bchatcher on February 18, 2009.

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