Crazy Love ~ 4

crazyloveProfile of the Lukewarm

Chan begins to compare and contrast the person who is actively recognizing God’s supreme love and existence in his life with the person who is, quite frankly, fooling himself. In the discussion, Chan identifies a dynamic of the parable of the sower that is often overlooked or ignored by churchgoers today. Far too many assume that they are the “good soil” Jesus refers to in His parable. There is an presumption that since church attendance is priority (unless of course our favored sports team has a noon kickoff, but God understands that right?) and biblical facts are memorized then we are growing spiritually. I mean, look at all those members of our churches who don’t show up on Sunday! We are better than they are right?

Chan profiles with scripture the numerous examples of lukewarm people present in our churches every Sunday. Things like giving out of excess, focusing more on today’s to-do list than God, putting limits on things like serving, loving, and sharing Christ with others. The harsh reality of church today is that the vast majority of people live at a lukewarm spiritual existence. The truths of God have ceased to have an impact because they have been sequestered to the mind and have failed to impact the heart. We think we are “good soil” because of presence, but in truth, good soil produces fruit for the kingdom.


~ by bchatcher on February 25, 2009.

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