Crazy Love ~ 5

Crazy Love Serving Leftovers to a Holy God

So far, this is by far the best chapter in the book. It is the most challenging and most frank. It is a harsh reality in churches today that attenders are often left unchallenged. We fail to give God our complete and total self while holding significant portions of life back from God and His purposes for us. We draft somewhere in the middle failing to be either hot or cold for God and His plan. Building off of Revelation 3 and the letter to the church of Laodecia. Chan takes on the often overlooked and ignored truth that a believer in Christ will show evidence of that belief in their daily life. To show no evidences brings a daring and truly difficult question of one’s truthful conversion and faith. Not that someone who continues to struggle with sin is not a believer, but the one who knowingly continues to ignore God’s best and never produces fruit in their life may simply be fooling himself. And how often does the individual believer choose to not honor God in everything in order to maintain a somewhat easy existence? Lots of good questions, and lots of things to ponder in this chapter. Chan continues the idea of soils in this as well and leaves all of us with the question of just what type of soil are we.

Choice quotes:

Jesus’ call to commitment is clear: He wants all or nothing. The thought of a person calling himself a “Christian” without being a devoted follower of Christ is absurd.

Each of us has lukewarm elements and practices in our life; therein lies the senseless, extravagant grace of it all. The Scriptures demonstrate clearly that there is room for our failure and sin in our pursuit of God.

To call someone a Christian simply because he does some Christian-y things is giving false comfort to the unsaved. But to declare anyone who sins “unsaved” is to deny the reality and truth of God’s grace.

I believe that much of the American churchgoing population, while not specifically swimming downstream, is slowly floating away from Christ. It isn’t a conscious choice, but it is nonetheless happening because little in their lives propels them to Christ.


~ by bchatcher on March 26, 2009.

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