Daddy’s Little Helper

Welcome to the gun show

Welcome to the gun show

Today Jaclyn went to do the “big” shopping, which is several weeks worth of groceries at a time at Target. She also needed to pick up a little something for her sister, who is getting married in a couple weeks. So, Hudson likes to help as much as possible during the shopping. When Jaclyn got home, I was already there as I am taking the afternoon and evening off, she realized that there were certain items in the bags that she didn’t put in the cart. Of course, Hudson wanted to make sure we had everything that is essential to the home. The three boys are big fans of pop tarts, so Hudson added two boxes worth of them to the cart while Jaclyn wasn’t looking. Also, while Jaclyn wasn’t looking, in an obvious chip off the ol’ block moment, Hudson managed to throw in a pair of thong panties.

Yup, Daddy’s little helper he is.


~ by bchatcher on April 30, 2009.

One Response to “Daddy’s Little Helper”

  1. That kid is hilarious! What will he do next!>>>

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