Performing the Faith

Great Paragraph from the book.

In performance Christians are called upon to recognize time aright, to attune themselves to a time that is God’s time. The context in which this attunement occurs is properly called worship. Liturgical time, in other words, takes Christians out of what the world teaches them to think of as the standard or normative measurements of time and orients them to, sets them firmly within, God’s eschatological horizon. Worship marks the time of Christ that breaks into “our” time, the time that Christians are lulled into thinking is always here. In this regard, the regular, continual pattern of gathering for worship may be viewed as the church’s rehearsal. Worship thus becomes a kind of performance before the performance, a preparation beforehand for whatever witness the church might be called upon to give. Being schooled in the basic rhythms and movements that constitute the Christian faith means that the church’s witness is more than something spoke, debated, written about, discussed; it is a faith that is enacted, performed, fleshed out. In order for such a witness to be faithful and true, in order for it to be convincing, the church must be attuned to the times. Only by continually practicing, rehearsing, performing the faith will Christians have any chance of learning what it means to keep God’s time.

pages 97-98


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