Kid Speak ~ 10 Double Duty

Last night I took the boys to Harrison’s baseball practice. I sat with Hudson and Hunter by a tree out of the way and in the shade and they had a good time messing with the tree and throwing rocks. There was a large ant pile, or at least what used to be one, by the curb and the tree. Hudson finally went over to the mound and stomped on it. This is a favorite pastime for he and my wife. Well, no ants came out and that sparked Hudson’s curiosity. So he asked me where all the ants were. I told him that they must have gone somewhere else. His immediate response:

Oh, they must be shopping at Target!

And also,

Harrison and I have been watching the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament on Versus this afternoon. After watching Ian Poulter, who is known for wearing brightly colored pants and today has a pair of bright pink pants on, told me he still likes Ian Kinsler. I asked him why and he said even though he has the same name as the weird guy on tv wearing pink pants he still likes him. Good for him.


~ by bchatcher on May 23, 2009.

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