Are you livin a fish story?

Last night I got the chance to share at a men’s ministry wild game dinner. Here are some highlights from the message on Luke 5:11.

Simon and his fishing partners traded religion for a relationship with Jesus.

This meant 3 things:

Religion left them empty, Jesus filled them with meaning.

Religion left them guilty, Jesus offered them grace and forgiveness

Religion left them without purpose, Jesus gave them a reason to live.

Is your life just a fish story filled with half truth and all lies? Meeting Jesus face to face changes everything. You can spend your whole life in church with religious rules and regulations, but do you know the onething that sets you free? Simon, James, and John dropped everything and followed Jesus. For the believer, salvation is not simply an intersection to be crossed but a road to merge onto and travel in a relationship with Jesus. Things will never be the same again. Who would really want them to be?


~ by bchatcher on March 8, 2010.

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