Blog through the Bible 4

Again, I have committed myself to reading through the Bible every year using a reading calendar I first found through Jerry Fine and One on One With God. I have found it to be an excellent calendar and have learned so much over my time reading through Scripture.

Today, I read a little rebuke by Elihu to Job that caught my attention. Now, if you remember Job’s story you know he had a great life that ended up with one very bad day that changed everything. Job maintained his integrity before God even when his “friends” showed up and proceeded to condemn as obviously being a wicked person because God had struck him down with all of this disaster. Great friends, I know. Elihu is the youngest of the four friends and keeps quiet until he sees that Job has continued to maintain his innocence in the face of the other three’s accusations. Then he pipes up and shows why it is often necessary for those who are young to simply be content and listen sometimes. Here is a little phrase that the Holy Spirit nudged me on:

Job 35:16b

… multiplies words without knowledge

How often do we do this very thing? BTW Elihu is doing this very thing he accuses Job of doing. How often do we use and seek to use more and more eloquently designed speech to impress God somehow into giving us what we want? How often do we fake our way through a conversation we know nothing about with big and empty words? Basically, that is what he is saying. It is possible to use many words, big important sounding words, yet not really gain anymore knowledge. God knows our hearts, our steps our everything. In fact, in Job 34:21, Elihu points out that God sees everything, God sees “all [man’s] steps.” God knows what you need before you ever ask, maybe it’s not fancy speech you need, but to ask God exactly what it is you need, not want.


~ by bchatcher on January 21, 2011.

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